In Peru thousands of girls from Andean villages, often even very small, move to the city to work as servants, deluding themselves that they can receive, as promised by the families who host them, a school education. In most cases, in reality, girls are segregated at home, mistreated, unpaid, forced to do very heavy work. And not infrequently they are victims of abuse. After years of being away from the family, they often don’t even remember where they come from, and find themselves alone, sometimes without a home, exposed to the danger of violence and misery. In Cusco there is an institution that looks after them, where their stories intertwine. Fragile identities, hanging on thin threads of memory. Five women tell their stories of ex “trabajadoras del hogar”. Stories of suffering, violence, abandonment. But also of redemption, of struggle for one’s rights, of recovery of an identity. Stories that can become threads with which to weave new plots of life, threads to cling to to find the courage to dream.

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Original title
Hilos, fili

Subject, screenplay, direction and photography
Stefano Cavallotto

Roberto Allegro

Arianna Nicola

Shooting format