Some Muslims, born or raised in our country, with the wealth of their singular experience, accompany us to discover Islam, a religious and cultural tradition that is much talked about, often without knowing it.
The documentary contains the contributions of Moni Ovadia, Stefano Allievi, Paolo Branca, Franco Cardini, Gianfranco Ravasi and is part of the DVD “Let’s know Islam”, which contains the full versions of the interviews with experts. The DVD was produced as part of the “Intercultural laboratory” project promoted by the Master in intercultural training of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan.

Original title
Giovani, musulmani, italiani

Subject, screenplay, direction and photography, editing and production
Stefano Cavallotto

Production assistance
Dario Paladini, Maria Grazia Tanara

Scientific advice:
Paolo Branca, Milena Santerini, Rita Sidoli

Shooting format: